FitBox365 – Your own Personal Gym in a box – Made in USA

FitBox365 – Your own Personal Gym in a box – Made in USA

This Kit Includes:

  • One FitBox365 Unit – FitBox365 Fitness Unit provides quick easy, effective workouts wherever you go.
  • 6 Months of Online Fitness Training Program – Cloud based Total Body 365 fitness training program led by our trained and professional fitness instructor.


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FitBox365 is a simple, lightweight, effective exercise apparatus that has a patent pending one of a kind clip, which acts as a locking mechanism, to allow the user to flow from one exercise to another, quickly and easily changing the resistance level by looping the resistance tube around the clip. Each FitBox365 has 22 clips, which allows the individual to complete a full body workout, focusing on each muscle group, in an effective and safe way with the FitBox365 and a resistance tube.

FitBox365 is a total gym in a box. It’s lightweight, simple, fast and mobile. You can take FitBox365 with you on the go.