• Tom Noon

    I am a businessman who doesn’t have much spare time and at 65 I really need to have regular exercise. The FitBox365 is easy and fast to use. The clips and exercise bands work together seamlessly to give a great workout in 30 minutes. I can do that.

  • Marie Mandich

    I am the mother of two teenage boys who are very active in baseball. The FitBox365 is a perfect way for them to work with resistance training without using heavy weights. Although the bands they use are tough, the resistance is just perfect for their still maturing muscles.”

  • Tony Woolard

    The FitBox365 is a genius instrument for working out. You can take the FitBox365 with you where you go. It’s one of the best exercise apparatus on the market and it WORKS!”

  • Carl Cleanthes

    The FitBox365 was a great way for me to get back in shape. It allows you to build up resistance as you go in a very simple way, you hardly notice that you’re doing more and more resistance. The all inclusive setup and diversity of work outs make for a simple, yet very efficient way to work out your whole body.”

  • Diane Salzberg

    I am 73 years old and have had a personal trainer three times a week for these past five years, I understand the importance of keeping my muscles toned and my body fit. By tucking the resistance bands inside the clips on the side of FitBox365, I am able to get the exact position and resistance I need for my fitness program.